Ruth Kaiser

Asking for Feedback – Do You Have a Plan?

Feedback continues to be a hot topic of discussion in leadership and management circles and it should be, since it’s a very powerful tool for improvement. If you’ve been following the feedback conversation, you’ll recognize some of the most important precepts regarding feedback: 1-Feedback is critically important for self-awareness and growth. 2-More frequent, informal feedback is far better …

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The Data Dump

I was prepared but nervous. I was in a meeting with our new commander and several other senior officers for the first time and it wasn’t going exactly as expected. Colonel Wiley was asking a lot of questions about our logistically complex plan for moving hundreds of army vehicles on busy highways and through many small …

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The Wake-Up Call

“NOT GOOD.” I stared at these two words and they seemed to glare back, almost as if they were alive and taunting me. I was completely stunned, my stomach was in a knot and my inner voice was in a red-alert conversation with my emotions. NOT GOOD were the two simple words that my boss …

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Are You an Ed?

We stood on a hilltop overlooking the Kentucky countryside. It was hot and sticky, a typical Kentucky summer day, but it felt good to be outside for a couple of hours. We looked at our maps; we looked at the terrain around us and we talked. After a few minutes of looking at the panorama …

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